Invited Speakers
  • Martin Nikl Institute of Physics, Academy of Sciences of The Czech Republic, Czech Republic

    “Novel single crystal halide scintillators based on Cs-Cu-I compositions”
  • Zhanggui Hu Tianjin Univ. of Technology, China

    “(Tentative) Recent progress in nonlinear optical borate crystal”
  • Yasuhiko Arakawa Tokyo Univ., Japan

    “Advances in quantum dot lasers”
  • Takashi Sekine Hamamatsu Photonics K.K., Japan

    “250 J Yb:YAG ceramics laser system for laser processing platform in the TACMI Consortium”
  • Christian Kraenkel Leibniz-Institut fur Kristallzuchtung, Germany

    “Tb-lasers: Current state and future prospects”
  • Jeroen van Tilborg LBNL, Berkeley, U.S.

    “Free-electron laser with compact laser-plasma accelerators”
  • Jonathan Phillips Central Laser Facility, STFC, U.K.

    “High energy frequency conversion at 10 Hz”
  • C.Simon-Boisson THALES LAS, France

    “10 PW Ti:sapphier lasers at ELI-NP”
  • Pu Zhou National University of Defense Technology, China

    “Coherent beam combining of more than 100 fiber lasers (tentative)”
  • Shota Kimura University of Tokyo, Japan

    “24GHz three mirrors Kerr lens mode-locked lasers (tentative)”
  • Martin Bernier Université Laval, Canada

    “Towards power scaling of mid-infrared fiber lasers (tentative)”
  • Fedor V. Potemkin M.V. Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russian

    “Femtosecond mid-infrared Fe:ZnSe lasers(tentative)”
  • Carlos Hernández-García University of Salamanca, Spain

    “EUV/soft x-ray high-harmonic pulses structured in their spectral, spatial and polarization properties”
  • Heide Ibrahim Institut National de la Recherche Scientifique, Canada

    “From UV to XUV: Approaches to imaging ultrafast dynamics”
  • Takeshi Yasui Tokushima University Real-time THz color scanner, Japan

    “Real-time THz color scanner”
  • Shuzhen Fan Shandong University, China

    “Single-photon level THz wave detection and imaging by nonlinear frequency up-conversion: a dream not far away”
  • Alfredo De Rossi Thales Research & Technology, France

    “Photonic Crystal Parametric Oscillator”
  • Wakana Kubo Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology, Japan

    “Metamaterial thermoelectric device”
  • Wenfu Zhang Xi’an Institute of Optics and Precision Mechanics, China

    “Soliton microcomb and applications for long-distance ranging”
  • Flavie Lavoie-Cardinal Laval University, Canada

    “Development of machine learning approaches for quantitative super-resolution imaging of molecular interactions in neurons”
  • Chao Wang University of Kent, UK

    “Data and Energy Efficient Ultrafast Time Stretch Optical Imaging”
  • Takashi Katagiri University of Toyama, Japan

    “Single fiber fluorescence imaging by multimode interference-based spectral encoder”
  • Scott papp NIST, U.S.

    “Kerr solitons in photonic-crystal resonators”
  • Youjian Song Tianjin University, China

    “Route to attosecond resolved temporal soliton molecular dynamics”
  • Jost Müller DESY, Germany

    “Large-Scale Optical Synchronization System of the European XFEL”
  • Ryo Okamoto Kyoto University, Japan

    “Quantum sensing using photons”
  • Zheshen Zhang The University of Arizona, U.S.

    “Entangled Sensor Network Empowered by Machine Learning”