Invited Speaker


  • Carlo Liberale King Abdullah University of Science and Technology

    Micro-3D printed miniaturized systems for optical trapping and manipulation (tentative)

  • Stefan Maier Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität München

    Metasurfaces for energy conversion and optical information processing (tentative)

  • Eileen Otte Stanford University

    Shaping the skeleton of structured light in 3D space: From self-imaging singularity networks to optical skyrmionic Hopfions

  • Anna Bezryadina California State University

    Light guiding through suspensions of red blood cells (tentative)

  • Ayan Banerjee Indian Institute of Science Education and Research Kolka

    Manipulating light and matter using optical tweezers (tentative)

  • Amanda Wright The University of Nottingham

    Experiencing the micro-world: a cell’s perspective (tentative)

  • Pin Christophe Hokkaido University