Plenary Speakers
  • H. Haas Univ. Strathclyde “The Road Towards Zero-Energy Gigabit Wireless Transceivers”

Special Talks
  • C. Davlantes Reach Labs “New microwave power beaming technology with adaptive metasurfaces”

  • H. Fujimoto The University of Tokyo “In-wheel motor EV and dynamic charging using wireless power transfer”

Invited Speakers
  • P. Jaffe Naval Research Laboratory “Power Beaming and Space Applications”

  • V. Khorenko AZUR SPACE Solar Power GmbH “Infrared Laser Power Converters”

  • A. Kudryashov Institute of Geosphere Dynamics RAS “Free-space laser communication systems”

  • S. Sweeney University of Surrey “Optical wireless power at eye-safe wavelengths”

  • H. Helmers Fraunhofer “III-V based Photonic Power Converters”

  • T. Nugent PowerLight Technologies “Improving Performance Metrics for Power Beaming”

  • M. Miyoshi Nagoya Institute of Technology “GaN-based solar cells and their application to optical wireless power transmission system”

  • Y. Shoji AIST “Novel low-cost fabrication method (H-VPE) of III-V photovoltaic devices”

  • S. Fafard Broadcom “Power and Spectral Range Options for Optical Power Converter Products”

  • A. Tonini Diamond Fiber “High power single mode expanded beam fiber optic connectors for Power over Fiber applications”

  • P. Leisher Freedom Photonics LLC “Longitudinal current crowding in high power diode lasers”