VISA Information and Invitation Requests

VISA Process

Any foreign visitors wishing to enter the Japan must have a valid passport and obtain a visa before coming. However, people of 68 countries who want to visit Japan temporarily are permitted to enter without a visa according to visa-exemption agreements.

Detailed information is available at the follow Website.

For information about Japanese visas,
please visit

If you need a travel visa, begin the visa application process now!
Strict security requirements may cause delays in visa processing.

Letters of Invitation


Individuals requiring letters of invitation to obtain travel visas must be listed on a paper or in the program to receive an invitation letter. You may access and print an Invitation Letter Request Form.


Please finish the registration first.

  • Please fill out a separate form for each person requesting a letter.
  • Email the Form with your passport PDF and registration confirmation email.
  • All letters of invitation will be sent by airmail and by e-mail (as a PDF attachment).
  • Please allow up to 7 business days to process your request.