Invited Speakers



Invited Speakers

  • LIU XianrongGeneral Manager, Hisense Laser Display Co., Ltd.

    Laser TV, Hisense’s technology and strategy(tntative)

  • Jae-Hyeung ParkInha Univ.

  • Ryo KatoTokushima Univ.

    Mid-infrared chemical imaging using mid-infrared and visible lasers for bio-analysis

  • Kenta TemmaOsaka University

    Super-resolution microscopy using nonlinear fluorescence response for volumetric imaging

  • Terumasa Ito Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology

    High-contrast Raman imaging using temporal filtering

  • Cristoph Schmidams-OSRAM International GmbH

    FMCW LIDAR system analysis – modeling & experiment

  • Nathan PalmquistUCSB

    Long cavity III-nitride vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers utilizing a curved mirror

  • Motoaki IwayaMeijo

    Fabrication of stacked RGB monolithic μLED arrays using tunnel junctions and challenges for display applications

  • Yasuaki HiranoSharp

    Development of high power GaN laser diode and its applications

  • Stephan Hanederams OSRAM International GmbH

    From AR Glasses to Mainstream Display Projection — Recent Advances in red, green and blue LEDs and Laser Solutions

  • Yoshihisa TakayamaTokai University

    Research activities on free-space and underwater optical communications

  • Okudaira YoshihiroVenus Laser

    New developments of laser beam application equipment From laser show content to bird prevention

  • Martin PfennigbauerRIEGL Laser Measurement Systems GmbH

    Latest developments on Airborne LiDAR Bathymetry – technology and applications

  • Qiong-Hua WangBeihang Univ./Seoul National Univ.

    Holographic 3D display system with wide viewing angle and large size

  • Jinsoo JeongKETI

    Holographic Technology for Augmented Reality Near-eye Display

  • Kiyoshi KiyokawaNara Institute of Science and Technology

    Smart AR Glasses for Social Inclusion

  • Naru UsukuraSharp Display Technology Corporation

    Novel highly efficient pancake optics for HMD named “Double-path”

  • Kouichi AkahaneNICT

    High performance quantum dot laser for optical fiber systems

  • Hirokazu IshiiExploratory Research Center on Life and Living Systems

    All-pulsed two-photon STED microscopy for nanoscale tissue imaging

  • Keisuke IsobeRIKEN Center for Advanced Photonics

    Simultaneous multi-plain two-photon imaging and 4D optical manipulation

  • Louise BradleyTrinity College Dublin


  • Daniil ChepenkoSpatialChat

    The effect of the online collaboration method in social presence

  • Brian CorbettTyndall National Institute at University College Cork


  • Sunao KurimuraNIMS

    Quantm photon sourse for laser sensing and imaging