Video Library (OPIC2023 Plenary Sessions)

Plenary Speakers

Hidetoshi Katori Roman Hvězda Hiroshi Mukawa Akira Okada Jason M. Eichenholz

Hidetoshi Katori
The University of Tokyo
Theme:”Making optical lattice clocks compact and useful for real-world applications”

Roman Hvězda
ELI Beamlines Facility, Extreme Light Infrastructure
Theme:The Extreme Light Infrastructure: Prospect of Multidisciplinary Science and Research of Ultra-Intensive and Ultra-Short Laser Pulses

Hiroshi Mukawa
Sony Group Corporation
Theme:”The Metaverse and XR Technologies”

Akira Okada
NTT Science and Core Technology Laboratory Group
Theme:IOWN (Innovative Optical and Wireless Network): Concept and related photonics technology

Jason M. Eichenholz
Luminar Technologies Inc.
Theme:How chip level up innovation unlocks LiDAR performance to drive the next generation of vehicle autonomy and safety systems